Makeup Colors and Collections

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

Ah…yes, it is that time of year again!  Valentine’s Day!  Being a makeup artist has given me the freedom to wear any shade of red lipstick I can find and feel free and sexy.  It is your turn to do that…be a little bold and enjoy it.  There are so many soft reds and rose reds that even the fairest skin tones can feel comfortable.  Below are my favorite reds in no particular order:

  1. MAC Russian Red….Okay yes, this is my favorite and has been for 20 years.  It is hot, sassy and I started wearing it because I believed the marketing that it was Madonna’s favorite color!
  2. Chanel Dragon Red
  3. Shiseido #25
  4. Clinique Red, Red, Red
  5. Chanel Mademoiselle..Very soft and alluring
As Gwen Stefani is also a favorite of mine for wearing red lipstick-Could the woman be any prettier?-I am also looking forward to trying out L’oreal’s newest formula Infallible La Rouge.  If I put it on, can I look even slightly like Gwen??
Makeup Tips

A $35 Eyebrow Lift?

Two services in the beauty industry that can take 10 years off of your face cost…Yes, $35.  What are these miracles services and how do they create this effect?

1.  Eyebrow tinting:  As we age, much like the hair on our heads, our eyebrows get lighter and start to thin out toward the ends of the brow.  Getting your eyebrows tinted will help give your eyebrows definition, bring your eyecolor out and make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural.  You will often have to use less brow powder and pencil.

2.  Eyebrow shaping is the closest thing to a face lift you can do without having surgery.  Ungroomed and untamed eyebrows will often cause the eyes to look less defined which will add attention to eye lines and darkness around the eye.  When eyebrows are shaped in a style that flatter your face, the brows will be lifted causing the whole face to look perkier and younger.
I love doing these services for my clients because they can quickly see the difference and are so excited when friends and family tell them they look younger and ask them what they did to make such a difference.

Photo courtesy of Estee Lauder


Inner Beauty

One of the most important aspects of what makes us beautiful is the person that lies within.  Happiness in ourselves is what determines how we treat others and the way we view the world around us.  With all of the trauma that is going on in the world, I believe that taking the time to find the good things we possess helps us to feel the best we can which can help relieve stress and look at situations in our lives in a manner that makes us able to do the impossible.

Spending only 5 minutes a day taking time for ourselves can lead to longer, more productive lives and the ability to find the best in ourselves and those that surround us everyday.  Feeling a strong inner beauty enables us to look in the mirror and find the physical beauty in ourselves that we have never seen before.  I will be curious as to what you will find.

Movie Makeup Looks

The King’s Speech

With the Oscars right around the corner, I had to make the trip to see The King’s Speech which is up for several nominations.  Not only is the story absolutely charming, but the makeup up is stunning.  Helena Bonham Carter and Jennifer Ehle emulate the true meaning of delicate, English beauty.  With the weather being so cold right now, here are some tips to recreate the look.

1. Cover the skin with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer and set with powder.
2. Eye shadow is kept to a minimum.  A cream color shade such as Chanel’s Vanilla is placed over the eyelids and a soft rose color is placed over the lids.
3. A double coat of mascara helps define the eyes giving it a wide doe-eyed look.  Maybelline has come out with a new formula called Falsies.
4. Lips are a rosy color and kept slightly matte.
5. Cheeks are soft and creamy.  If you normally don’t wear cream blush, lipstick can be used from time to time.  Dot each cheek bone with a bit of your lip color and gently blend.