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Makeup Colors and Collections

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

Ah…yes, it is that time of year again!  Valentine’s Day!  Being a makeup artist has given me the freedom to wear any shade of red lipstick I can find and feel free and sexy.  It is your turn to do that…be a little bold and enjoy it.  There are so many soft reds and rose reds that even the fairest skin tones can feel comfortable.  Below are my favorite reds in no particular order:

  1. MAC Russian Red….Okay yes, this is my favorite and has been for 20 years.  It is hot, sassy and I started wearing it because I believed the marketing that it was Madonna’s favorite color!
  2. Chanel Dragon Red
  3. Shiseido #25
  4. Clinique Red, Red, Red
  5. Chanel Mademoiselle..Very soft and alluring
As Gwen Stefani is also a favorite of mine for wearing red lipstick-Could the woman be any prettier?-I am also looking forward to trying out L’oreal’s newest formula Infallible La Rouge.  If I put it on, can I look even slightly like Gwen??
Makeup Colors and Collections

Pretty in Pink/Spring Makeup

Even though I have been doing makeup for over twenty years, I never lack for excitement when new makeup comes out every season.  This spring is no exception as pink is all over the place.  Pink eyes, pink cheeks, pink lips, pink nails and even lightly pink complexions ruled the runways and can be seen in almost every new spring collection.

What is cool about Spring 2011 pink is that there isn’t just one shade being shown which means any woman can wear it comfortably!

Trends in Pink

  1. Light pink lips with smoky eyes-sexy, oh so 60’s and very feminine!  A lot of lashes will make the eyes pop.
  2. Pretty neutral eyes with bright pink or fuchsia lips-professional and trendy.  Cheeks will also be highlighted in a medium pink hue.
  3. Glowing pinky cream complexions with soft eyes, glossy lips and cheek cream-young and fun.  No matter your age, this look will be a go.
  4. Soft pink eyeshadow with a simple black liner and mascara for the eyes and a soft red lip…be the ingenue showing your mysterious side.

Make pink your own as it also the most romantic color next to red!

Makeup Colors and Collections

New Spring Makeup Favorites

So fun to see pink makeup out and about. Have to rave about some fun new kits and collections! The Estee Lauder Michael Kors collection has some beautiful shades to look both glamourous and sexy-especially the new shimmery powders.

Smashbox Beauty has the Master Class Kit exclusively at Sephora which includes full size lab samples of products not yet released or released products in new formats. The waterproof eyeshadows live up to their name-I have had it on for 8 hours and haven’t seen a crease yet and I have some oily eyelids. The “O” Gloss is beautiful as it starts out clear and adjust to the color of your lips-it is also very moisturizing without feeling greasy.

Finally, the oh so pretty Lillyland collection from MAC cosmetics is bright and screams Spring. Pretty corals and pinks will brighten up any face even if it is February.