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Makeup Tips

A $35 Eyebrow Lift?

Two services in the beauty industry that can take 10 years off of your face cost…Yes, $35.  What are these miracles services and how do they create this effect?

1.  Eyebrow tinting:  As we age, much like the hair on our heads, our eyebrows get lighter and start to thin out toward the ends of the brow.  Getting your eyebrows tinted will help give your eyebrows definition, bring your eyecolor out and make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural.  You will often have to use less brow powder and pencil.

2.  Eyebrow shaping is the closest thing to a face lift you can do without having surgery.  Ungroomed and untamed eyebrows will often cause the eyes to look less defined which will add attention to eye lines and darkness around the eye.  When eyebrows are shaped in a style that flatter your face, the brows will be lifted causing the whole face to look perkier and younger.
I love doing these services for my clients because they can quickly see the difference and are so excited when friends and family tell them they look younger and ask them what they did to make such a difference.

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Makeup Tips

Brightening The Whites of the Eyes

After a brief hiatus to study for finals, I am adding a new makeup tip that is near and dear to my heart after looking at my red eyes from looking at too much homework. Eyes can get red from being dry, allergies, illness and tearing. Luckily, there are some quick, easy fixes to brighten you up in just a few minutes.


  1. The original Visine is still the best product for red eyes. Apply a couple of drops to each eye, gently pat dry and you will see results quickly. For allergy sufferers like myself who tend to get dry eyes, Rohto Hydrating Lubrincant Drops work well both indoors and outdoors.

  3. Using a navy eye pencil to line the rims of the eyes will give a great contrast to the red in the eye while giving the eye a more defined look. If your eyes tend to be sensitive, line the upper eyelid as closely to the lash line as possible for a similar effect.

  5. After applying your usual coat of black mascara, apply a blue or blue mascara over the black to make the lashes look fuller and brighten the whole eye. Use a lash comb to separate the lashes to make the eye look wider as well.


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Makeup Tips

Softening Puffy Eyes

At this time of the year as the parties are in full force, one of the questions that I answer a lot is how to fix puffy eyes. Here are tips that you can do to actually drain puffy eyes and to camouflage them with makeup.

Draining Puffy Eyes


  1. Lying on your back in bed or setting your head back while sitting at your desk, gently tap the areas that are puffy. This allows the excess fluid under the eyes to drain down through the body which will help alleviate puffiness. The tapping should have very light pressure.

  3. Refrigerated used tea bags wrapped in plastic, cucumber slices and gel ice masks when applied while lying down help cool the temperature of the skin which will also be useful. Try to lay still for about 5-10 minutes.

  5. Avoid excess salt in your diet as salt retains water and can cause swelling. Our bodies need sodium to stay balanced.

  7. Cardiovascular exercise is a great tool for draining excess fluids and to prevent our bodies from fluid build up.

  9. Drink the daily recommended dose of water.

Camouflage Techniques

  1. Use eye cream to keep the eye area moist. Eye creams don’t have to be oil free. It is when the cream is placed to close to the eye that swelling and irritation can occur. Lightly tap your eyecream around your eyebone and brow bone.

  3. Use a concealer a shade or 2 darker over the area of the eye that is puffy. When well blended, this helps reduce the appearance of puffiness.

  5. Two great corrective techniques using a soft warm beige matte shadow and a soft cream matte shadow. Gently brush the warm beige over the puffy areas and use the soft cream to fill in the areas that appear sunken in to give the appearance of those areas looking fuller.

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Makeup Tips

The Purrfect Red Lip

Nothing is sexier and more alluring than a set of red lips. A recent survey on AOL’s Stylelist reports that when men see a woman with red lips, they spend more time talking to her lips than looking into her eyes. What is it about the power of red that can make us feel like we can tackle the world?

The great thing about the color red is that there are so many hues in the family. For the woman just starting to want to wear more color, there are soft lip stains and for those of us who want to bring it on, there are full force siren reds. After finding your perfect hue, here are some quick tips to make your pout pucker ready.

*Apply a sheer lip conditioner with a lip brush or your finger for just a fine covering on the lips. If it is to greasy, color will smear.

*Fill in the lips with a red lip pencil applying the liner in an upward direction when defining the mouth shape. When liner is applied in a downward direction, it can make the lips look droopy.

*Apply your lipstick with either a lip brush or by dabbing the color on your lips for an even application. The thinner the layer of lipstick, the longer it will last.

*For a final knock ’em dead look, apply either a clear lip gloss or a red lip gloss for a fuller lip look.

To avoid getting lipstick on the teeth, take your thumb and pull it out between the lips. Any excess color will come off on your thumb and leave your smile perfectly white.


Makeup Tips

Creating A Sunkissed Look With Makeup

Wanting to get a healthy glow into your skin as it gets colder outside? This is one of the easiest looks to create. After applying your foundation, use your powder brush with bronzing powder and highlight all the areas that the sun would catch if you were out and about. The best areas to define are the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the hairline of the forehead and gently on the chin. Apply your blush color to the apples of the cheeks to give a soft sheen to the skin and finish with a lipgloss to the make the lips look fuller. For a little extra glow, mix a dab of shimmery liquid into your foundation.

Makeup Tips

Reduce the Look of Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Premature aging around the eyes is actually one battle we can fight without having to have an eye lift. Many fine lines and wrinkles are actually a sign of dehydration around the eye area which is very common because we don’t have any oil glands in this part of the skin. Keeping the eyes moist and applying concealer sparingly will help reduce the look of lines and often, the proper moisture level will make fine lines go away.

The type of eye cream you use is very important as it can help reduce the look of aging or add to it. The best type of eye cream to work with is one that is made for dry eyes. My favorite for the last 7 years is Shiseido Benefiance Anti-Wrinkle Concentrated Eye Cream which is for dry, sensitive eyes. Why is moisture more important than anti aging ingredients? Often, ingredients such as retinols and vitamin c cause the skin to produce ongoing exfoliation which is harsh on the facial skin. Around the eye area, which is already lacking oil, these ingredients can cause the skin to tear and dry out which will make you itch and rub at your eyes. This causes the skin to start to line.

Application Techniques to Reduce the Look of Wrinkles

*When you are applying your eye cream, hold the skin on the outer upper corner of the eyelid slightly taut. This should cause the lines on the skin to temporarily disappear. Gently pat and roll your eye cream over this area until your cream warms into your skin. When you let the lid go loose, lines will look softer because you were able to apply cream onto the entire area versus skipping over the skin in the lines.

*For concealer application, use the same technique but start your application at the inner corner of the eyes where we tend to be dark and work outward. By the time your concealer gets to the outer area, there will be less to work with so it won’t look cakey and the moistness from the eye cream will help the concealer blend into the skin.
Makeup Tips

5 Minute Makeup Application

We all know how it goes! We get up in the morning, even a few minutes early from time to time, convinced we are going to make this day we look magazine cover perfect. Flip to reality as we realize emails may be due, kids to get ready for school, homework for those of us going to school and the thousands of other chores we have to achieve.

Rather than wear no makeup at all, I have selected 5 pieces of makeup that will have you almost close to that cover look. This look takes all of 5 minutes…Trust me as I am speaking from personal experience.

1. Concealer-Apply you concealer to your eyelids, under your eyes, and on any uneven spaces you have on your skin and gently blend. This will help your face and eyes to brighten immediately.

2. Eyeliner-Eyeliner placed on the line of the top lashes will help your eyes appear bigger and more defined.

3. Mascara-If you tend to have eyes that are oily, waterproof mascara will keep the eye clean all day. I still find Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in the waterproof formula to work quickly and cleanly. Apply two coats to your upper lashes and one coat to the bottom lashes for a little definition.

4. Lipstick-If you have beautiful skin to begin with, you can almost skip the first 3 and apply lip color. Lipstick will brighten the face and pull together your look. It is best to select a color that goes with your hair and skin tone rather than to just match an outfit.

5. Blush-Another must for every skin to bring out color in the face. If you have an oval face start your blush on the corner of the outer eye lid and sweep back and forth in a C shape to define the cheek bone and lift the face. For rounder faces, start at the center of the cheek (about 2 fingers from your nose) and repeat the same technique.

Even if you are still running like crazy, you will look like you are ready to face the day.

Makeup Tips

Luscious Lips

With it getting colder and dryer outside, our lips tend to dry out very quickly because they have no oil glands. Besides keeping them conditioned, use a gentle face exfoliant to take the dead skin off your lips and wear a sunscreen on them year round. A quick easy way to create a stain on the lips which looks very soft and natural is to take a lip conditioner with sunscreen and lightly shade the lips with a lip liner. To finish the look, gently roll a finger over the lipliner to blend it with the conditioner.

Makeup Tips

Making Eyeliner Last

No one wants to put on eyeliner only to see it beneath your eyes or on your eyelids within 5 minutes. Using an eyeshadow in a similar color over your eyeliner will help make the color softer and help shadow to stay on longer. For a more defined look, use an eyeliner brush which will give a concise setting. To really soften the line for a more demure look, use a q-tip and roll it over the shadow and liner which will blend them together nicely.

Makeup Tips

Covering Undereye Veins

My tip today is answering a question about covering undereye veins.

Vicki writes:

“Help me Wendy! I have a vein that runs under my eye and makes the circles under my eyes look even darker. My mom has even commented that it looks as though my eye makeup has smeared. Is there something I can cover this with that won’t be too heavy? Regular concealer isn’t cutting it…. THANKS!”

Besides a good undereye concealer, it is important to use an eyecream around the eye area. When the eyes are dry, they can become itchy. When we have to itch, the blood vessels around the eye are stimulated which can make dark circles more apparent because blood is coming to the surface and around the eye it will appear blue. Eye moisturizer will also help concealer be more effective.

To this day, my favorite concealer on the market is Cover Fx Cover Creme which is available at or at It is oil and fragrance free with an SPF 30. The coverage is full so a little bit goes a long way. Another product I love that will also work with the vein as well is L’oreal Studio Secrets Anti Dull Primer in light for fair skins and medium for darker skins. It has a peach tone which will help take the blue out of the vein and make your eyes look less dark. Apply the concealer after the primer and set with Cover Fx Setting Powder and the vein should be covered. For those of you living in the Cleveland area, I use Cover Fx at my salon for my makeup applications. I can help you select a color which you can then order.