Keeping Rosacea in Balance

Have you ever been in this scenario? You walk out the doors and get hit by a gust of blustery wind or for those lucky enough to live in warmer climates, you walk outdoors and feel a blanket of humidity. Suddenly, your nose and cheeks turn into the color of a tomato and all you want to do is run for cover because your rosacea is flaring up. Does this sound familiar? The good news, learning how to balance your skin can help avoid rosacea flare ups or minimize the amount of redness that appears.

Rosacea is a hormonal condition much like acne and can be treated very easily except for extreme conditions which require more aggressive treatments. What often looks like rosacea is often skin that gets red because of using products which can dry the skin out and make it appear delicately thin and raw. Overuse of products such as Retin-A and retinol products can cause this to occur because they peel the skin and make it sun sensitive. Lack of moisture in the skin will also cause ruddiness.

For men and women truly suffering from rosacea, using a simple basic skin care routine and prescription creams such as Metro-Gel, Metro-Lotion or Finacea can keep flare ups to a minimum. One of the biggest issues I see in clients with rosacea is that they have been educated to use soap as a cleanser and no moisturizer with their treatment cream. By following this treatment, rosacea will actually be more apparent during flare ups because the skin becomes so parched and thin, that blood vessels will appear even closer to the surface of the face. People with rosacea need gentle soap free cleansers, alcohol free toners (if needed) and moisturizers that offer a good amount of moisture and sunscreen to keep the surface of the skin healthy. Much like every other part of the body, drinking clear fluids which keep the body hydrated, will also keep rosacea from flaring up because when the body is in balance, it has a natural ability to maintain body temperature.

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Image used from the Cover Fx website.